Why Ideal School Was Founded

Simply put, IdealSchool was founded to create the ideal environment not only for the students but for their families and for the staff that supports the students. The strong, shared belief of all of us at Ideal School is that each student is precious and they deserve the best. Let’s face it, public school systems throughout Latin America and North America have been, for the most part, a failure.

Education is fundamental to the success of all civilizations.

With that knowledge, the founder of Ideal School and his wife decided to put everything they had into building a school that was not only technologically innovative, but rigorous in its instruction, and consistent in its pledge to always doing what is right for students, their families, and the wonderful staff members. In fine, we exist because there is a definite need for a school that engages students with innovative technology. effective in its instructional delivery, and lovingly connective with all stakeholders. Please consider joining our wonderful Ideal School family and you will see why we are the ideal school for your family!

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