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Welcome to Ideal School - Online Private School

We are an online, bilingual and interactive elementary school focused on the integral development of the student. We prioritize active, engaging, reflective and collaborative methodologies that favor rewarding and effective learning environments.

Our main mission is to contribute to the development of a new generation of citizens with a planetary conscience, with a global sense and family roots, who value their own and are open to sharing and learning with others in a multicultural context.

At Ideal School, students and their families are our center of attention and the reason why we continue to innovate every day. We were born to be a support for families committed to the integral and educational development of their children. We are a school that works hand-in-hand with families.

Quality is our main imperative, we work every day to be a world-class educational opportunity, with a carefully selected curriculum to provide the best learning experience for our students.

We have highly professional, bilingual teachers with vast experience in managing learning in virtual and multicultural environments.

I invite you to be part of our Ideal School family and build with us an education that serves to build an ever better world.

founder of Ideal School

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With a daily-updated message board, bi-monthly parent-teacher conferences, monthly newsletters, parent and student portals with a built-in messaging center, and monthly virtual town hall meetings, you will always know everything you want about your child’s learning experience.


With a rigorous instructional framework that guides all practices and a uniform learning environment in all of our classrooms, you will never have to doubt the excellence we are providing your child.​

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We view each student and family as stakeholders. We value each family's feedback and needs. Every month our Community Advisory Committe meets to work toward the mission of Ideal School. Together we ensure that all students are supported in their academic success.

how we started

Our History and Journey

Our school was founded in Seattle, Washington, USA. in 2018. It was born from a deep analysis of the reality of traditional schools. Our founder’s twenty years of experience as a teacher and school administrator made him aware of the need for a new model of schools in which students and their families are the customers. The vision was to connect North America and South America with an online bilingual school in real time. Pre-Covid 19, the founder and his wife worked tirelessly to lay the ground work to what would eventually touch the lives of hundreds of students from dozens of countries ranging from Canada to Argentina, through the Caribbean, and even to Spain and Portugal. 

In August 2023, Ideal School will be celebrating 5 years of operation. During these first five years of operation, we have accredited our school by the world’s most recognized accrediting firm, Cognia. We have improved the student dashboard usability, expanded our classes to accommodate for after-school individualized, small group English language arts and Spanish language arts classes, and we have added art and social groups to our extra curricular offerings.

For this upcoming year, 2023-2024, we are developing a music program that will include a production component and an annual musical festival.

The next five years will include an expansion to kinder to 12th grade full-day programs. We also are working toward incorporating in Europe and opening an Ideal School Europe branch. 

Please continue to follow us to see our growth and all the amazing places we will go with the help of amazing students, their families, and the world’s best staff team!

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower students to become global citizens and critical thinkers by igniting their passion for learning in a nurturing environment that inspires them to pursue their unique potential. Our vision is that we are a world-class bilingual online school that uses advanced pedagogical approaches to inspire our students to become the future thinkers, creators, and leaders of the 21st century.

Our Teachers

Observation is the first and most powerful step towards changing teaching practices. Daily observation reveals a wealth of information about students, their competencies and skills, and the work of the teacher.


Mariacarmen González

Instructional Coach & Coordinator


Laura Rubio

2nd grade teacher


Paulo Toro

7th grade teacher


Carina Perez

1st grade teacher

Student Life

Art Mural
Student Art Mural

Students from Aruba in our asynchronous program

Our students represent almost two dozen countries

Students from 20+ countries in our synchronous program


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