Be Part of Our Team!

We are always looking for hard-working, compassionate and passionate professionals to help us realize our vision and mission at Ideal School.

To apply to Ideal School, we ask you to assemble and prepare a variety of materials that will help us assess your qualifications. Remember, all materials must be submitted online by the application deadlines. The following serves as a preview of what you need to prepare.


Self-assessment requirements

To work with Ideal School, we ask that you meet the following requirements. Please do a self-assessment of these important items carefully and thoughtfully. Once you have reviewed the requirements and assessed your ability to meet them and if you feel that you can fulfill them, next click on the application button. If your education and experience match our needs, you will be contacted by a human resources representative.

Requirements of employment as an educator for Ideal School are the following:

  • MUST have access to stable and reliable high-speed internet (minimum of 10 mega bites per second)
  • MUST have access to a computer and a noise-free room that measures at least 3 meters by 3 meters in size
  • MUST be able to sit and stand at your computer for nine hours a day (7am to 4pm your local time) Monday-Friday
  • MUST be flexible, have a sense of humor, and be effective in time management
  • MUST be HIGHLY bilingual and bi-literate in English and Spanish
  • MUST have graduated from university (minimum of a bachelors degree) with focus in education or teaching
  • MUST possess a teaching certificate
  • MUST possess at least five years of traditional (K-12) teaching experience (online teaching or tutoring DOES NOT count)
  • MUST love students and have a strong desire to learn and serve
  • MUST be extremely patient and willing to work hard
  • MUST work cooperatively and collaboratively as a team member with colleagues and administration
  • MUST be a facilitator and mediator
  • MUST be creative, compassionate, dedicated, and energetic
  • MUST be a charismatic and responsible leader with integrity
  • MUST be a good observer and detail-oriented worker
  • MUST not be afraid of changes
  • MUST know how to listen to your students and able to adapt to their needs
  • MUST be able to clearly communicate with parents/guardians and students
  • MUST understand best teaching practices
  • MUST have a happy, warm, loving, and positive personality
  • MUST be motivated and be able to motivate others
  • MUST be able to control your emotions and know how to resolve conflicts
  • MUST be self-reflective, organized, and a problem solver

Submit your application


Someone from the Ideal School team will review your application and if your qualifications and experience meet our needs, they will reach out to you and offer you an interview. Details and instructions for the interview will be carefully outlined depending on the position you are applying for.

Contract and training

Once you have interviewed, our hiring team will decide if you are a good fit for our Ideal School family. If you are selected to join our team, you will be given a customized contract (independent teacher agreement). You will then be given specialized training and resources to help you be successful in your new job.

Welcome to the Ideal School team!

Click on the button below and submit your independent teacher agreement. You are only one step away from joining a wonderful team! You will need a password to enter and upload the agreement. The administrator will email you the password once you have received your agreement.

Create Your Classroom

Once you have submitted your agreement, click on the button below and download the stage materials you will need to create a classroom in your house. You will need a password to enter this site. Please email the school administrator and request the password.