Aruba Adventist Academy

A Beacon of Hope for Refugee Students

Transforming Lives Through Education: The Ideal School & Aruba Adventist Academy Partnership

Welcome to a groundbreaking educational collaboration that crosses borders to unite Ideal School and Aruba Adventist Academy. For four years, this partnership has championed the cause of providing quality education to refugee students in Aruba through an innovative asynchronous learning program. Together, we’re not just teaching; we’re empowering futures.

Embrace the Future of Education with Ideal School

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Our Journey Together

Born from a shared vision of accessible education for all, our partnership leverages Aruba Adventist Academy’s community roots and Ideal School’s digital learning expertise.

This synergy has created a flexible, effective program tailored to the unique needs of refugee students, fostering resilience and lifelong learning.

The Program at a Glance

Our asynchronous program is the heart of this partnership, designed to adapt to the varied lives of our students.

It offers a comprehensive curriculum emphasizing interactive learning, allowing students to study at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Success stories from our community highlight the program’s transformative impact.

We offer a one-hour Zoom session for each subject every week, where students can receive personalized academic support tailored to their individual needs.

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Achievements and Beyond

In four years, we’ve reached hundreds of students, marking significant academic improvements and earning international accolades.

Yet, the true measure of our success is seen in the empowered lives of our students and their families.

As we look ahead, we’re committed to expanding our reach and enhancing our offerings, ensuring that education remains a beacon of hope for many more.

Cognia Accredited

We bring multicultural education to your children, wherever they are.

Our curriculum offers the opportunity for your child to learn subjects in two languages and interact with students and teachers from different countries.


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