The Erie School District & Ideal School Partnership

Building Bridges to Success

Uniting for Change

In the heart of Illinois, a groundbreaking initiative is lighting the path for migrant students.

Together, the Erie School District and Ideal School are redefining the education landscape through a program that is as inclusive as it is empowering. Our synchronous classes are not just lessons but lifelines to a brighter future.

Erie School District

The Heart of Our Mission

Our program is a beacon of hope and opportunity, offering more than just education. Through real-time, interactive learning experiences, we provide:

  • A Circle of Support: Engaging live classes that nurture a sense of belonging and community among students.
  • Paths Tailored to Potential: Personalized educational journeys that recognize and celebrate the individuality of each student.
  • Diversity in Learning: A curriculum that embraces cultural richness, fostering understanding and respect across communities.

Triumphs Along the Way

As we reflect on the progress made, we celebrate the extraordinary achievements of migrant students within the Erie School District. Their stories of success illuminate the impact of our collective efforts and the endless possibilities that arise from belief and support.

Vision for Tomorrow

Our commitment to enriching and expanding the program remains steadfast to reach every migrant student in need.

Our future is filled with promise, driven by innovation, compassion, and a shared vision of educational excellence for all.

Cognia Accredited

We bring multicultural education to your children, wherever they are.

Our curriculum offers the opportunity for your child to learn subjects in 2 languages and interact with students and teachers from different countries.


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