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Ideal School is committed to hiring only the absolute best & most qualified candidates to teach your child. As a pre-requisite to be hired as a teacher at Ideal School, candidates must possess a minimum of 5 years of classroom teaching experience. This is not a on-the-job training environment. Our teachers are bilingual, qualified, experienced, & dedicated to your child’s success!

"Working for Ideal School represents an excellent opportunity to join the best of technology and methodology to provide students with a leading education. Moreover, it is a challenge to inspire students into a globalized world to analyze options, make decisions, solve problems, work in teams, and be creative. I am thrilled to be part of Ideal School and actively participate with an institution that is making a new proposal and cares for this new kind of education."
Mariacarmen González

· Master’s degree in Technological Education from the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Monterrey, Mexico (ITESM).
· She has been an English Instructor for more than 15 years, trying to make a direct impact on education by integrating technology and applications in the K-12 classroom.
· She is committed to creating a unique and creative environment to provide students with a meaningful and joyful learning experience

"The teaching-learning processes represent a challenge when it comes to incorporating certain elements that make them an innovative space that effectively respond to the dynamics of a globalized world; dynamics representative of the era of information and communication technologies. Thus, being part and active member of an innovative project such as Ideal School, gives me the possibility as a teacher to adapt and optimize my pedagogical practices in order to promote and share with my students an authentic classroom environment focused on their needs and interests, and which allows the development of significant and active learning. It is a great honor for me to be part of the Ideal School family."
Laura Julio
  • Master of Education with Emphasis on English Didactics – Universidad Externado de Colombia
  • Bachelor of Modern Languages – Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Colombia
  • Graduated as a Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico
  • She has more than 12 years of experience as a teacher of English and Spanish for different grade levels (Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica). During this time, she has honed her pedagogical skills to offer her students an enriching and creative experience, and which can be put into practice in real contexts.
"My Name is Francisco Velásquez and it is an honor for me to be part of Ideal School. I started learning English in school but my passion for it began when I travelled to USA for a study abroad program at Nacel International School in St. Paul, Minnesota. I continued in the same state my undergraduate studies at The University of St. Thomas. There I learned not only English but also French which also became my passion. Another important experience I had with languages is my Master degree in Translation and Interpreting which I did in Sydney, Australia at the University of New South Wales. There I learned not only about the language but also about the culture of the place. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I had. Sharing my knowledge with other people does bring satisfaction to me, I really enjoy teaching and I am glad to be part of The Ideal School team because it is a great opportunity to do what I love."
Francisco Velásquez
  • Bachelor of arts in international business from University of St. Thomas in St. Thomas, Minnesota
  • Masters degree in translation and interpreting from University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia
  • Taught in the United States for 10 years and in Ecuador.
"My name is Fernanda Narvaja, and I come from the southernmost country in the American continent, Argentina. I trained as a teacher of English and Public translator at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. I have been a teacher for 28 years, and I have taught from kindergarten to adults. Because teaching has always meant discovery, passion and commitment to me, I dare take the step to become an active member of the global community by teaching online. A challenge that I am convinced opens the door to the future."
Fernanda Narvaja
  • Masters degree in English teaching from National University of Cordoba (Argentina)
  • Masters degree in translation and interpreting in English from National University of Cordoba (Argentina)
  • Possesses 27 years of teaching experience with students from elementary to college level
"My name is Jazmín Palma. I come from Mexico. I believe teaching is love, and when it is done with a positive outlook, the learning process just becomes more interesting and fun. I feel beyond excited to work for Ideal School because it represents the future in the learning world, and it gives us the chance to bring education to children in the safest and most convenient way."
Jazmín Palma Sanatana
  • Has worked in the E-learning industry for many years and has teaching experience with students from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities, such as Russia, Poland, Spain, Turkey, China, Japan, Dubai and The United States.
  • Special educational needs-accredited teacher
  • Speaks English, Spanish, French, and a little Russian
"I am excited to work for Ideal School because by being an innovative bilingual and interactive elementary school, my experience as a teacher will allow me to contribute with the development of a new generation in a multicultural context. I am also excited about the fact that families are the center of attention and the reason for innovating every day, I want to be a part of the integral and educational development of their children."
Paulo Toro
  • Has been teaching English and Spanish for more than 7 years
  • Holds a TEFL Teaching Certificate 
  • Holds a degree in business administration
"My name is Hugo Petit and I've been working as an ESL Teacher for more than 9 years. I have had wonderful experiences getting to know all kinds of great people around the world. This has not only given me the privilege of teaching, but also learning from them, and that's why I enjoy teaching so much. Having the opportunity of working for Ideal School allows me to continue growing as a professional and at the same time lets me contribute to encourage new students to fall in love with learning new languages and skills."
Hugo Petit
  • Has been teaching English and Spanish for more than 9 years, working with people from different ages and all kind of places around the world.
  • Holds a TEFL Teaching Certificate for adults and young learners
  • Holds a Spanish Teaching training Certificate – Instituto Cervantes de España 
"My passion for education has given me the opportunity to work in different countries as Vietnam where I worked for two years. I am curious about the factors involved in education and its success. My objective is to be involved in the learning process and be more familiar with the language development. I am happy to share these skills with my colleagues and students in any organization or institution and make a significant contribution to the development of education in any country. I am looking not only for my personal benefits but also to redefine language teaching and education."
Carina Perez
  • Received a scholarship sponsored by the government of Ecuador to study in the USA.
  • Has taught English for more than six years in different countries.
  • Possess TEFL certificate and Masters degree in education.

Bilingual and Bi-Literate


Three Major Benefits of Dual Language Learning

1- Researchers have found that actively using two languages seems to have a protective effect against age-related dementia.
2- In studies covering six states and 37 districts, they have found that, compared with students in English-only classrooms or in one-way immersion, dual-language students have somewhat higher test scores and also seem to be happier in school. Attendance is better, behavioral problems fewer, parent involvement higher.
3- It turns out that, in many ways, the real trick to speaking two languages consists in managing not to speak one of those languages at a given moment — which is fundamentally a feat of paying attention.


As more and more students in The United States grow up in families that speak other languages other than English, Two-Way Dual Language programs make so much sense. Notice that the research-based graph below clearly shows that Two-Way Dual Language programs are superior to all other programs to helping non-native English-speaking students even surpass their English only-speaking counterparts. We are living in a very diverse world, and being highly proficient in two of the most dominant languages spoken in the world would be a tremendous benefit to your son or daughter’s future!

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