Refunds Policy

Thank you for shopping at Ideal School. 

Please read this policy carefully. This is the Return and Refund Policy of Ideal School. The Return and Refund Policy for Ideal School has been created with the help of TermsFeed


We do not issue refunds for the annual enrollment fee.


You must inform us that you would like to withdrawal from Ideal School but emailing us at [email protected] and fill out the Early Withdrawal form. Refunds for tuition are on a case-by-case scenario.


We do not issue refunds for tests/diagnostic examinations.

Digital and physical products 

We do not issue refunds for digital or physical products once the order is confirmed and the product is sent. 

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products. 

Early Withdrawal Policy

The intent of this policy is to identify the responsibilities of the legal guardian of the enrolled student.

A legal guardian that desires to withdrawal his or her child out of Ideal School before the current school year has finished, they will need to fill out a Early Withdrawal form and pay the Early Withdrawal fee. The Early Withdrawal fee is equivalent to one month of tuition for your child. Additionally, if the legal guardian desires to be given his or her student’s end-of-year report, a notary/apostille fee will be required. The notary/apositlle fee is $75 USD. If the legal guardian re-enrolls his or her student in Ideal School in any time in the future, the student’s account will be credited the amount paid for the Early Withdrawal fee.