Ideal School is a member of AdvancED Improvement Network


The AdvancED Improvement Network is a community of over 36,000 schools and school systems around the globe. While our members may have unique needs and visions for their institutions, all are dedicated to their students, parents and communities, and all are focused on learner advancement while using continuous improvement as the guiding force. Ideal School is currently in an accreditation process that will be recognized world-wide.

online international private dual language school picture of two teachers laughing for accreditation web page

Did you know?

  • Standards-based (i.e. 4pts. = exceeding, 3pts. = meeting, 2pts. = approaching, 1pt. = beginning)
  • Based on daily formative assessment and monthly summative assessments
  • Students are expected to:
    1. Actively participate in all aspects of learning.
    2. Use the target language during class discussions and activities.
    3. Use technology appropriately and to interact appropriately with peers and staff members.
  • Parents or guardians should actively monitor their student’s work.