Open House Reservation

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: You will be charged a one-time refundable $5 USD deposit to reserve the Open House. Once you have successfully completed your Open House, the card you securely put on file will be refunded the $5 USD. However, if for whatever reason you do not attend the Open House, your card will be charged $5 USD. We require this because the teachers who conduct the Open Houses do so during their non-paid time. When an Open House guest does not attend, it takes away time the teacher can use for personal and educational planning time. Thank you for understanding!
Price: $ 5.00
Once you have attended the Open House, the card you place on file will be refunded $5.00 USD.
By signing, you are consenting to be reserved for a FREE Open House and you knowledge that you understand our refundable $5 Deposit Policy as described above.