Ideal School is a elementary school for $350 per month, plus fees

Safe at home

Your child will learn all core subject areas from the safety of your home. You won't have to worry anymore about COVID-19, drugs or alcohol influence, bullying, nor school violence. It's a LIVE online school.


We are an interactive online dual language elementary school with real-time instruction by professional teachers. The teachers can see & hear the practice of all students in real time and give feedback & correction when appropriate.


With available monthly, quarterly, biannual & annual payments, we are your economical private LIVE, ONLINE elementary school.

We are

We're a Professional Online Language School

Ideal School is a LIVE, ONLINE interactive, dual language (Spanish & English) elementary school which offers a fun, engaging, and affordable learning environment for parents and their children. At Ideal School, we care about each child. This is why we started this innovative alternative to the failed traditional schools. We are also different from the boring, and video-dependent traditional online schools. Children at Ideal School feel safe and eager to learn.

Here students (kindergarten to 6th grade) interact with other students from around the world, and they learn from highly-qualified and experienced teachers in real time with easy-to-use technology.

Whether you are looking for a complete daily schedule of core curriculum (math, science, social studies, English language arts, and Spanish language arts), or if you are looking for only one hour a day of help in one of these areas, we have you covered. It couldn’t be easier to be part of the Ideal School family!


Teacher Monitoring

Bilingual (English & Spanish) Classes

Small Group Practice

Monthly Reports & Parent Conferences

Open Enrollment for the 2020-2021 School year

Classes began on September 08, 2020.

Join now and get ONE month for FREE (with your first year’s tuition payment). Additionally, when you pay the $50 USD for the language assessment and  $350 USD enrollment fee you will receive a FREE dual language eBook. 

The curriculum materials & camera/audio/lighting system are sold separately and are the sole responsibility of the parent to purchase.


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