A world-class, interactive, bilingual, online school awaits you!

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A world-class, interactive, bilingual, online school awaits you!

Safe at home

Your child will learn all core subject areas from the safety of your home. You won't have to worry anymore about drugs or alcohol influence, bullying nor school violence.


It is an interactive online dual language school with real-time instruction by a professional teacher. The teacher can see and hear the practice of all students in real time and give feedback and correction when appropriate.


With available monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual payments, we are your economical private online school. There big discounts for qualifying families.

What we do?

Ideal School is an interactive, dual language online school which offers a fun, engaging, and affordable learning environment for parents and their children. At Ideal School, we care about the children, which is why we started this interactive, dual language online school where children feel safe and eager to learn.

Here students interact with other students from around the world, and they learn from highly-qualified and experienced teachers in real time with easy-to-use technology.

You receive all curriculum and school supplies and materials with your tuition payment. You also receive a very easy-to-operate Marantz Turret camera/audio/lighting system. It couldn’t be easier to be part of the Ideal School family!


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With this safe, dual language, interactive, online school environment, your child will enjoy engaging, rigorous, and fun learning in this elementary school with highly experienced, and professional teachers. It’s our mission to provide your child with the best learning experience possible all while offering a 100% safe and interactive environment. With constant reports for the parents to track their child’s progress and monthly parent-teacher conferences, the parents will be a part of the entire online interactive process.

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Teacher Monitoring

For each concept taught by the teacher, the whole class performs practice together. The teacher is able to see and hear all student practice in real time and she gives feedback and correction when appropriate.

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Spanish & English Classes

Science, Social studies, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar are taught here daily in Spanish.

Math, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar are taught here daily in English.

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Group Practice

Each native English speaking student is paired with a native Spanish speaking student for “partner practice. Each pair of partners is paired with another pair of partners for small group practice.

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Monthly Reports

Every month your student will be given formal assessments in English language arts, Spanish language arts and Math. The student’s parent or guardian will be given a report after every set of assessments and will conference with the teacher.

Enrollment will end January 31, 2020!

Classes begin on February 03, 2020.

Join now and get two months for FREE for the first year. JUST pay the $350 USD enrollment fee before January 31, 2020 + Receive a child’s Ideal School polo & a FREE dual language ebook. 

*The curriculum materials and cmaera/audio/lighting system are sold separately and are the sole responsibilty of the parent to purchase.

Ideal School and the Education Directorate for Young and Adult People of the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic

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Collaborative exchange space on the online education model of Ideal School, within the framework of the virtual baccalaureate design process of the Education Department for Young and Adult People of the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic.

Ideal School Held a Conference in Renaissance Santo Domingto Jaragua Hotel on November 18

Ideal School Travels to Dominican Republic

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