Why Traditional Brick and Mortar Schools Almost Always Fail

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Public schools in the United States have been, for the most part, a failure to our children and our society! They are set up in such a way that the students are hardly even considered in thousands of school board rooms across our beautiful country.

Did you know that in Washington State, only $90 out of the more than $12,000 allocated through federal, state, and local taxes are given to the individual schools to purchase learning supplies such as paper, pencils and pens, as well as more expensive but equally important items such as computers, document cameras, student furniture, and teacher materials. So let’s say your child attends an elementary school in Washington State with 500 other students. That elementary school would be allocated roughly $45,000 per year to purchase all the many important items to run a school and help students achieve. That’s it.

Only $45,000 for 500 students. Most household budgets are about that with only 4 family members. Now imagine trying to care for the academic needs of 500 precious children with only $45,000 a year to do so. It is truly sad but real!  Most if not almost all school districts spend countless money on necessary administrative costs, very high salaries for people who never have a direct impact on student achievement. Additionally, districts frequently spend their precious budgets to contract supposed educational experts and expensive consultants, world-traveling for school board members, and even administrative retreats to casino resorts.

The bottom line is this, traditional brick and mortar schools are a bureaucracy. They always have been, and they always are. They cannot be changed. We can change the environment we select for our own precious children to be educated in. This is why the IdealSchool has been founded. It came from frustration and sad realization that traditional brick and mortar schools have failed our society. So if you are tired of your precious son or daughter attending one of hundreds of thousands of failed traditional schools, then please consider enrolling him or her in Ideal School. You will see the different caring, consistent, and compassionate leadership makes in the lives of students. Ideal School is the ideal school for your family!

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