Why Online School Is a Better School Choice

Online schools are a better choice for many reasons. We want to focus on just three reasons in this post. First, in 2018 along within The United States, 56 people were killed in K-12 school shootings. This is the greatest number of deaths from school shootings in a single year, according to The Center for Homeland Defense and Security website.

Secondly, according to the National Bullying Prevention Center, more than 1 in every 5 students in the United States in 2016 reported being the victim of a bully. According to this same source, the negative impacts of being bullied are varied and severe. In fact, many of the past school shooters had been victims of bullying.

The third and final reason why we believe strongly that online schools are superior to traditional schools is that there is a lack of student misbehavior in online classroom environments, for the most part. Studies have shown that on average up to 25% of instructional time is wasted every day in traditional schools because of student misbehavior. These misbehaviors vary greatly from simple talking out of turn to major issues like sexually lewd behavior or physical assault.

When a student is in an online environment, these behaviors are simply not possible. Imagine how much more your child would learn if their class did not lose 25% of the time because of sometimes extreme misbehaviors that can also be very frightening and damaging to the other students in the class.

On a final note, we feel so passionately that Ideal School is the best online school choice for your family because it uses a dual language (Spanish and English) format. This is important because your son or daughter will become bilingual and bi-literate in two of the most influential and important languages in the world. It is important to have this advantage, as we prepare our children to compete in an ever-growing global economy. So, please consider giving your son or daughter the gift of learning in a fun, interactive, dual language, online school, Ideal School. Your child and you WILL NOT regret it!

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