Why Teaching Creativity In Online Education Is Important

Creativity is the art of innovating or design something new. In the education field, creativity was the teacher’s responsibility and skillful work to develop the class, the material, or the context to be creative enough to catch students’ attention.

As technology integrates to education, the teachers’ ability to exert their creativity raised exponentially. Moreover, as the XXI century approached, the focus of schools had to change. The increasing demand for the development of soft skills created the instance to teach creativity among students too. A creative classroom promotes a better learning environment and motivates students to use their creativity to put it into practice in different contexts.

As Ken Robinson said, ‘creativity is as important as literature, and we should treat it in the same status.’ Thus, teachers must teach creativity along with the academic subjects to guarantee students’ global development. Consequently, one must agree that online education presents a promising action field to activate the imagination, the possibility to believe things are possible, and creativity like no other. Also, read How can parents support their children in an online school?

Online education has a limitless amount of resources to promote students’ creativity. Creativity is triggered little by little, starting with little things like the design of a profile or a simple brainstorm to find solutions to a real problem. By encouraging all types of answers, proposing the inclusion of ideas, letting the imagination flow, making time to create, and opening spaces to generate ideas, something awakes in students. They start paying attention, becoming eager to learn, and being ready for any challenge. Thanks to virtual classrooms, and online applications and tools, the possibilities become infinite; then, the sky is the limit.

The use of online tools allows teachers and students to work with real problems, launch an innovative product for a market niche, and design a campaign with environmental solutions. Students will exchange ideas with students from different cultures. They might develop projects that can come true in a community or company, and learn to become assertive communicators. Students will also perfect their creative writing, preserve traditions and customs from all cultures, learn digital drawing and design, or musical composition. They will surely create an interaction between the city and the country and acquire the conscience of world citizens.

The importance of setting off creativity among students lies in the benefits. Some of the benefits of inspiring creativity in online classes, to mention a few, are:

  • Different areas of the brain activate, making students alert and learn more efficiently.
  • Students practice planning, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Students perform different roles in the teamwork and create closer relationships with their partners.
  • It fosters the freedom to generate ideas.
  • It activates emotional development.
  • It triggers self-esteem, a sense of satisfaction, and pride.
  • It produces better communication.
  • It produces a joyful mind state that facilitates learning processes.
  • It produces perseverance and risk-taking practice.
  • It facilitates the acquisition of other skills, such as flexibility and adaptability.
  • It reduces the fear of changes or crises.
  • It creates stronger friendship ties through sharing ideas and projects.
  • It facilitates retention and students focus much better in class.
  • It triggers independent learning and continuous education.
  • It brings a sense of purpose.
  • It opens endless possibilities for the future.
  • Its application is multidisciplinary.

Once students are comfortable in a virtual environment, they will use online tools to their full capacity. They will be working in teams, making decisions based on strong reasons, finding more than one solution to a problem, and having the freedom to innovate; then, teachers will have accomplished their primal task. Students will become the professionals that will face a multicultural reality, an ever-changing economy, and a highly demanding society. Here, they will perform multi-tasks successfully and use their imagination and creativity to find unimaginable solutions, alternatives, breakthroughs for the present time.



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