Arizona ESA Voucher: What $304 million bought

Dive into the financial breakdown of the Arizona ESA voucher and discover the benefits of using the ESA voucher at the Ideal School.


The Arizona Empowerment Scholarships have been a topic of discussion and analysis, especially when it comes to understanding the financial breakdown of the program. 

With a whopping $304 million allocated, it’s crucial to understand where these funds are being directed. 

This article will delve deep into the financial intricacies of the ESA program, highlighting the distribution of funds and showcasing the benefits of using the ESA voucher at the Ideal School


Breakdown of ESA Tuition Money by School Type

Understanding the distribution of ESA funds across different school types provides insights into the educational preferences of Arizona families.

Protestant and Non-denominational Christian Schools

These institutions received a significant portion of the ESA funds, amounting to $57 million. 

The allocation underscores the importance of faith-based education for many families in Arizona, emphasizing values and religious teachings alongside academic curricula.

Catholic Schools

With an allocation of $32 million from the ESA program, Catholic schools continue to be a popular choice for many families. 

The holistic education, combined with religious teachings, makes them a preferred choice for many.

Secular Private Day Schools

Secular private day schools, focusing solely on academic excellence without religious teachings, were beneficiaries of $11 million from the ESA funds. 

These schools offer a diverse environment, emphasizing critical thinking and academic prowess.

Online Schools

Online schools have seen a surge in popularity, especially in recent years due to the flexibility and accessibility they offer.

The ESA program recognizes the value of online education, and schools like the Ideal School have become eligible beneficiaries to provide online homeschooling to families in Arizona

With an allocation of $25 million, online schools provide students with a comprehensive curriculum, expert educators, and the convenience of learning from any location.

Ideal School, in particular, stands out as a premier online institution, catering to the diverse needs of Arizona students using the ESA voucher.

Major Beneficiaries of Non-School Expenditures

Beyond schools, several companies and platforms have benefited from the ESA program, indicating the diverse needs of students.


The e-commerce giant received a substantial $35 million from the ESA program.

This indicates a trend towards online learning resources, books, and educational tools that cater to the modern student’s needs.


With a $5 million allocation from the ESA funds, Apple’s educational tech products, like iPads and MacBooks, are evidently popular tools for digital learning among Arizona students.

Barnes & Noble and Lakeshore Learning

Both these companies, known for their educational resources, received $1.5 million each. They offer a range of books and learning materials that complement school curricula.

Analysis of the 2022-2023 ESA Transactions

A closer look at the recent transactions provides a snapshot of the evolving educational landscape in Arizona.

Unique Expenditures

The analysis revealed some unique expenditures, such as $3,400 spent at a golf store, indicating the growing interest in sports education. A $10,000 expense at a sewing machine company suggests a resurgence in interest in traditional arts and crafts. The purchase of more than 100 passes to the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort indicates an emphasis on physical education and outdoor activities.

Educational Extras

The ESA funds were also used for various educational extras, including $350,000 for ninja warrior training centers, trampoline parks, and climbing gyms. This underscores the importance of physical fitness in education. Additionally, $1.2 million on martial arts instruction highlights the value of discipline and self-defense in today’s world.

Ideal School and the ESA Voucher

Benefits of Using the ESA Voucher at Ideal School

Ideal School, a registered online homeschool company in Arizona, offers a plethora of benefits for families using the ESA voucher. 

From a comprehensive curriculum tailored to individual student needs to expert educators ensuring optimal learning, the Ideal School stands out as a top choice for ESA beneficiaries. 

The flexibility of online learning combined with the structured curriculum ensures that students get the best of both worlds.


The Arizona Empowerment Scholarships play a pivotal role in enhancing educational opportunities for students in Arizona. With a clear financial breakdown, it’s evident that the funds are being utilized to foster a diverse educational landscape. And for families considering the best use of their ESA voucher, the Ideal School emerges as a top contender, offering unparalleled educational experiences.

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