Traditional Brick


Mortar Schools

  Active shooter scenario is a REAL fear. 0% Gun violence
Many students fear being bullied by others. 0% Bullying and harassment
Frequent assaults occur on playground, cafeteria, and buses. 0% Assaults
Drugs and gang activity are a factor in school life. 0% Drug and gang influence on safety & learning
Schools DO NOT view the students and their families as the customers. Students and their families are our customers.
Very few schools offer dual language programs. Our school is dual language (see research-based graph).
Only about $90 (only .7%) of more than $12,000 per student from Federal, state, and local taxes in Washington State are allocated to individual schools for learning supplies, technology, and student furniture. 33% of tuition cost goes directly to cost student’s academic success (curriculum, software development, technical hardware, and communication systems).
Most instruction is very often boring, unchallenging, and lacking compassion. Our school is engaging, responsive, and interactive.
Still use paper and pencil. – NOT green! We are 100% online and technology-based. We are GREEN!
One or two parent-teacher conferences each year. Parent-teacher conferences and academic report occur one time per month.
When the parents or guardians have a concern or question, they must make an appointment. We respond to your concerns and inquiries usually the same day or at the beginning of the following work day.