6 Ways to Support Your Child’s Online Learning

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Remote or online learning is the new normal. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 23.15 million students in America under the age of eighteen had to receive their education at home through online or virtual instructions from a teacher.

Although the circumstances in which online learning was normalized were extremely tense, students have benefited from online learning. Studies show that online learning improved students’ educational performance as they were able to retain more information and could learn so much faster than their performance in physical lessons.

This improvement in academic performance, along with various factors, has caused the parents to prefer online school for their children instead of traditional schooling methods.

Even though online learning has become a part of every child’s education, it can get difficult for the kids and their parents to navigate this situation. It’s common for kids to lose concentration and zone out of their online lessons. This can be because their surroundings are not conducive to take classes or because they aren’t taking their classes seriously due to a nonexistent classroom environment. Several other issues like connectivity problems can also damper the effectiveness of online learning.

Keep reading this blog if you and your children are finding it hard to navigate through the online learning process and learn about some effective tips and tricks that can help you support and enhance your child’s online learning experience.

1)    Dedicate A Proper Learning Space

Provide your child with a learning space where they can take their online classes effectively. It’s crucial to ensure that this learning space has adequate natural lighting to make your child feel more productive and present during their lessons.

Also, ensure that the space has minimum noise and is clutter-free so your child can concentrate on their online classes. You can allot any quiet and well-lit space in your house for your child’s online learning. If there’s lack of space, you can try to de-clutter and minimize noise from any commonly used part of the house, like the kitchen or living room, while your child attends their class.

If possible, try to purchase a sturdy table and comfortable chair that’s designed to prevent backaches and other such problems that can occur from sitting for long hours.

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2)    Try To Limit Screen Time

Constantly sitting in front of a screen, be it a computer or a cell phone, can cause stress on the eyes and impact brain activity. Try and reduce your child’s screen time other than the online classes.

Using electronic gadgets and devices like laptops and TV for extended hours can also lead to blue light insomnia and mess up your child’s circadian rhythm. Insomnia will prevent your child from having an uninterrupted six to eight hours of good quality sleep, which is essential for effective learning.

If they don’t get enough sleep, it’s likely that they won’t be able to concentrate on their lessons.

3)    Get Rid Of Distractions

It’s common for children to lose focus if there are surrounded by several distractions.

During the lecture, try to close notification alerts on the device your child uses to take their online classes.  Put a restriction or password on all sorts of applications and websites that your child might use to watch cartoons, play games, or anything that can distract them from their online learning.

If there are any distractions due to family members and surroundings, try to minimize those during your child’s lesson.

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4)    Encourage Your Child To Take Regular Breaks

Be it online learning or any other tasks, doing it constantly for hours can bore your child. Scheduled breaks are crucial to give the mind a rest from all the work and stress of studying. These breaks can include snack time or just a few moments of relaxing and not doing anything.

5)    Ensure Your Child Gets Physical Exercise

According to studies, regular physical activity helps improve brain function, enhances learning abilities, and boosts basic cognitive functions. It’s possible for young children to get overwhelmed with studies and this can cause them stress and anxiety. Physical exercise is one of the best methods to reduce stress and anxiety levels in your child, so they’re able to learn efficiently.

Physical exercises don’t have to be rigorous; their intensity should be enough to give your child a boost and charge them so they can attend their online lectures with proper concentration without losing focus.

6)    Give Your Child Positive Feedback

Young children thrive on encouragement and positive feedbacks. Try and appreciate your child whenever they accomplish a task during their online learning. These tasks don’t have to be huge milestones and you should acknowledge your child’s achievements no matter how little they are.

These rewards and feedbacks can be in the form of stars, stickers, extra few minutes of their selected activity, and much more.

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