5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs A Bilingual Education

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In an increasingly multicultural society, it’s more important than ever to give your child an early start to bilingual education. While taking language courses later in life might be helpful, the benefits of bilingual education can best utilized if started early. Here arefive significant reasons for this.

Boosts Cognitive Ability

It’s backed by science! Research suggests that learning more than one language helps your child develop functions such as switching attention and memory. This helps enhance their problem-solving, multi-tasking, and decision-making skills. Bilingual learning goes a long way in making your child smarter.

Higher Academic Achievement

Because standardized tests often assess students’ cognitive abilities, studies have repeatedly shown that bilingual students outperform monolingual ones in these tests. Some argue that other languages can be taught after mastering the English language. But why can’t two languages be learned simultaneously, especially when they come with a huge academic advantage?

Improved Confidence

A study published in the International Journal of Intercultural Relations finds that bilingual individuals rank higher in self esteem than multilingual individuals. Your child’s ability to speak more than one language helps them communicate with more confidence. It opens a range of opportunities for your child to socialize and improves their confidence in being able to learn something new.

Increases Empathy

Bilingualism helps your child learn more than one language and exposes them to multiple perspectives. Speaking a second language helps them put themselves in the shoes of other people and have greater empathy. The positive relationship between bilingualism and empathy has been backed by a study by the University of Chicago.

Fosters an Understanding of Other Cultures

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Bilingualism makes cross-cultural communication easier. It helps children connect with people from different cultures, which enhances their cultural understanding. This cross-cultural understanding makes your children more tolerant, inclusive, and appreciative of diversity. Perhaps a bilingual education is one answer to making the world a better place.

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