Welcome to Ideal School!

We are an online, bilingual and interactive elementary school focused on the integral development of the student. We prioritize active, engaging, reflective and collaborative methodologies that favor rewarding and effective learning environments.

Our main mission is to contribute to the development of a new generation of citizens with a planetary conscience, with a global sense and family roots, who value their own and are open to sharing and learning with others in a multicultural context.

At Ideal School, students and their families are our center of attention and the reason why we continue to innovate every day. We were born to be a support for families committed to the integral and educational development of their children. We are a school that works hand-in-hand with families.

Quality is our main imperative, we work every day to be a world-class educational opportunity, with a carefully selected curriculum to provide the best learning experience for our students.

We have highly professional, bilingual teachers with vast experience in managing learning in virtual and multicultural environments.

I invite you to be part of our Ideal School family and build with us an education that serves to build an ever better world.

founder of Ideal School

Our History

Our school was founded in Seattle, Washington, USA. in 2018. It was born from a deep analysis of the reality of traditional schools. Our founder’s twenty years of experience as a teacher and school administrator made him aware of the need for new models of schools in which the bureaucracy did not take away from students and their families. For twenty years he followed up and tried to improve the model existing, but increasingly confirmed that a new model was necessary. In the last ten years, our founder experienced first-hand the notorious need to create learning environments that are more interactive and more focused on the integral development of students. His experience with the schooling of his own children challenged him to promote a new educational proposal that is more humane, open, attractive for children and with greater correspondence with the challenges of these new times. In 2012 an arduous and intense process began in defining and concreting the Ideal School educational model: an online, bilingual, multicultural and international school that would reach any corner of the world and serve to create a new generation of citizens with planetary awareness, with constructive interaction competence in multicultural environments and with a sense of project of a safe and sustainable global world. In 2018, Ideal School formally started with the offer of online education programs in real time. It begins with bilingual primary education online in real time and in full time, from kindergarten to 6th grade. degree. Then, offers of homeschooling programs and “after school” programs or online homework rooms are opened to support students from different schools with needs to reinforce their skills in mathematics, English and Spanish. Currently the school continues to be run by its founder and his wife. Their two children are students at their school. It has a teaching staff from different countries and a team of advisors communicated by specialists in education, technology and teacher training who support the processes of continuous improvement and school innovation of our institution. We have a growing community of students from more than a dozen countries.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare young generations in a multicultural context to become our future global leaders of society, under the guidance of highly qualified professionals who use the best technology, methodology, and materials available in a virtual, bilingual environment to promote the development of 21st century skills.

Our Vision Statement

We envision our Ideal School to set a new landmark in teaching – learning process by providing quality education in a virtual environment, endowing learners with human values, technological skills, and development of reflective and autonomous thinking. We shall validate the efficacy of virtual schooling through the successful performance of our students in a global multicultural environment.

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” JAPANESE PROVERB


With a daily-updated message board, bi-monthly parent-teacher conferences, monthly newsletters, parent and student portals with a built-in messaging center, and monthly virtual town hall meetings, you will always know everything you want about your child’s learning experience.​


With a rigorous instructional framework that guides all practices and a uniform learning environment in all of our classrooms, you will never have to doubt the excellence we are providing your child.​



With a rigorous instructional framework that guides all practices and a uniform learning environment in all of our classrooms, you will never have to doubt the excellence we are providing your child.​


Our Curriculum

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Subjects taught in English

social studies
English language arts

Subjects taught in Spanish

Spanish language arts