Strategies to be a Successful Student in Online Classes

While remote learning has become the new normal, it has left many students and parents feeling overwhelmed about maintaining academic success. In a survey, 76% of parents responded that they were concerned the shift to online learning would adversely impact their child’s academic performance.

Learning from home may come with some challenges, but in the majority of ways, it requires a similar approach to learning in a classroom. Students perform when they are dedicated and focused in their pursuits. Online learning is not much different; it provides just as much room for interaction and growth, given the students are willing to give it their all.

The educational dynamics are changing; online learning provides a range of possibilities that were nonexistent in traditional classrooms. With the right direction and sense of motivation, students can thrive in a remote learning environment. Here’s how:

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Set up a learning environment

Studies show a direct link between student’s academic progress and their physical environment by as much as 25%. A good study environment is crucial to academic success.  Learning from home, students often get too cozy and are easily distracted by what’s going on in their surroundings.  This is why it is essential to have a dedicated space for learning, with access to everything that your child will need.

A quiet space that is tidy and organized eliminates any distractions. Whether you are setting up a study space in your child’s room, at the kitchen table, or in the lounge, make sure that around study time, there are no distractions. Attention is shifted when diversions are present, and children easily lose their focus, which then reflects badly on their academic performance.

Follow a routine

Virtual learning from home comes with the added benefit of having flexible timings. Children can take breaks, walk around, and feel at ease. However, they shouldn’t be getting too relaxed. Without a proper schedule, we all slack off a bit. It is especially true for children. This is why it is important that they have a structured routine that not only takes into account their study time but also sets up their daily routine for the rest of the day.

It is even better if you manage a weekly plan, so your child knows beforehand what they need to accomplish and prepares themselves accordingly. Establish a healthy routine that includes study intervals, playing activities, monitored screen time, and a good sleep schedule.

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Time management is key

In an online learning environment, it is easy to lose track of time. Children tend to get relaxed sitting in their homes; they often get distracted, and before you know it, there is a whole load of unturned homework piling up in their course load. Procrastination can be a great hurdle in the way of effective learning.

Not being physically present in class, children lose the sense of accountability and end up delaying all of their work till the last hour, and then it gets too overwhelming for them. To avoid this issue, time management is essential. Rather than cramming the whole course load in one go, spreading it out throughout the week by dedicating few hours to it can make the task manageable. If children show some resistance, parents can set up a reward system by giving them some sort of incentive, which will motivate them to finish their work in a timely manner.

Jot everything down

It is true that online learning comes with its advantages. Children don’t have to fear that missing out on a lecture will make them fall back in class. Similarly, since all the lectures are uploaded and all the resources are provided online, it may feel like there is no need to take notes in class. No matter how tempting that may seem, kids should always be encouraged to jot down the highlights of the lecture.

While it is certainly helpful to have all the lectures saved up so they can be accessed any time, reliance on notes is also essential. Often time teachers convey helpful tips in their lectures that the online resources don’t cover. At times, the topic is tricky, and active listening and note-taking is the only way to retain all the information.

The real benefit of taking notes is that writing the lecture down gives it a personal touch, and the student-teacher engagement improves, which is beneficial for good comprehension.

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Show Active Participation

There are few things that are essential for both physical and online classes. Academic success can’t be achieved by putting in only half the effort. Showing up to class and submitting homework on time may lead your child to get a passing grade, but it doesn’t do anything more than that. To achieve academic success, it is necessary that students duly participate in class throughout the class.

This is especially essential in an online setting as students already feel isolated and disconnected. If they are not participating and engaging with their classmates, they may lose track of what is going on in the class. Active participation also makes the learning process easier as any query can be solved right there and then. In addition, a child who actively participates in class remains noticeable in front of their teachers and is more likely to receive in-depth guidance whenever the need is felt.

All Parents want to see their children succeed and achieve academic progress. If you think that online learning may be hindering that, you have nothing to worry about. Virtual learning from home can be as effective as traditional learning in classrooms, if not better.

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