The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Online

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The “new normal” of education has many teachers scrambling to teach online efficiently. The challenges they face include but are not limited to retaining the child’s attention through the screen, connectivity issues, keeping the lessons engaging, information retention, etc.

Many teachers struggled to navigate their way through effective teaching online which seemingly emerged overnight. However, distance learning is not a temporary phase and is here to stay.

So, while teachers have different teaching methods, here is an ultimate guide to teaching online that can get any teacher started on their virtual teaching journey:

Thorough communications with the student and their family

Humans crave connection with one another. One thing that was predominantly absent as the world entered virtual learning was human connection.

Remain connected with your students’ family, communicate with them often about their child’s progress. This will not only keep them involved but will keep the student motivated in class.

Have a diverse teaching style

If your classes consist solely of recorded lectures, students are bound to slack. And if they consist only of live sessions and quizzes, students are likely to experience burnout and feel burdened.

Therefore, it’s important to mix things up every now and then. Have some recorded lectures and discussion boards so students can learn at their own pace, and some live sessions so students can interact with you.

Be more tech-savvy

As all of your teaching is online, it’s important that you learn beforehand how to navigate your way through your school’s LMS or the video chat and quiz applications that you will be using.

This will save time in live sessions where you will already know exactly how to use them.

Stay connected and connect often!

It’s important that you build a strong online classroom community. Have discussions often in your class groups and online discussion forums.

Give purposeful free time, keep sessions where students can ask any questions, etc. The classroom connection is just as important in your virtual classroom!

Ensure active participation

In your discussion forums, and even in the live session, set some marks for class participation. This will ensure engagement; research suggests that some students learn better and retain more with more interaction.

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