Educating the Introvert: 4 Signs Your Shy Child is Ready for Online Learning

A little girl is attending kindergarten virtual learning

Due to the pandemic, virtual learning online has grown enormously in the past year. Learning online provides unique benefits to introverted students who may have felt shy participating during in-person classes. Not participating adequately can lead to misconceptions and a child not doing well in the course overall.

Here are some of the benefits online learning will have for your introverted or shy child and some signs that they are ready for this type of education model.

#1. Class Participation is Introvert-Friendly

In traditional classrooms, a teacher would pose questions to a class, and a child could only participate if they spoke up.

Speaking in front of the whole class can be a daunting challenge for the introverted child, leading them to let such participation opportunities go.

With virtual learning online, students can send in written responses in chat boxes. This feature boosts introverted participation in class.

Due to this change, the quieter students speak more than they had ever said before.

#2. Working in Groups Becomes Streamlined

Smaller groups are more manageable for introverts to speak up and voice their opinions than the entire classroom.

A mother is helping her daughter do her homework from her virtual online school

Dividing tasks between group members makes it easy for the introvert to work with others and fulfill their internal need to work independently.

Introverts also feel comfortable sharing ideas after preparing ideas before meeting with their virtual groups.

#3. They Can Connect With Friends Virtually

Children in this day and age are easily the most tech-savvy generation. They stayed connected virtually with friends long before the pandemic. When introverted children make more friends in their virtual classes, they feel far more comfortable verbalizing ideas during class discussions.

#4. Learning From Each Other Makes Sense

The secondary benefit of the hyper-connectivity resulting from online virtual school is that extroverts and introverts can connect and complement each others’ strengths. The introvert can help the extrovert focus during discussions, and the extrovert can help the introvert feel comfortable speaking up.

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