Importance Of Routine In Homeschooling

When we teach our children in homeschooling, the biggest benefit we have is a flexible schedule. Depending on our children and their personalities, we can adapt the way we teach them to each one. Not every day will be the same, in turn, not all subjects will present the same effort.

The great advantage of homeschooling is the security they will have at home, in addition to the flexibility. However, such flexibility can be a problem, that is why we must accustom them to follow a routine.


Ideas to follow a routine in homeschooling


Every home is different, and when it comes to homeschooling we have to understand that there are families that work in different ways. Some families are large, others small, that is why we must adapt the following ideas to your own family:


  • Get up at the same time every day:

Unless someone in your family is sick, do not let anyone get up after 10am, so you’ll create the routine for your children to get up early to study.


  • Start the day with chores:

Teach your children responsibilities, such as making the bed, walking the dog, bathing, taking out the trash, etc.



  • Eat together at the table:

Having time together is the best thing you can do for your children. Start the day with breakfast at the table, with healthy food.


  • Start studying after breakfast:

After your children have a full stomach and full body energy, it’s time to study. So use the time in the morning and have free time in the afternoon.


  • Give exclusive time to teaching:

Accustom your little ones what the hours of studying are. Create a regime and a unique time of study. Many families fail in homeschooling because they forget study time.


  • Keep in mind your neighbors:

It would be great if your children studied at the same time that the children of your neighbors do. This will avoid deconcentrations or interruptions when studying, and thus both will have the same free time.

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