How Ideal School Enhances Homeschooling Learning

According to the U.S. Department of Education, roughly 2,000,000 (K-12) students are home-schooled. The reasons for homeschooling are many and obvious. There are many flaws in public schools. A few of the reasons some parents chose to home school their children are…

  • bullying
  • school shootings
  • lack of compassion in traditional schools
  • poor student academic performance
  • lack of rigorous and inquiry learning

At Ideal School, we too believe that there are MANY reasons why traditional school are not a good choice for most children.

IdealSchool can help those parents who choose to home school their children. With Ideal School’s innovative, interactive learning environment, parents are not the teacher. This eliminates the long hours of instructional preparation that home school parents have to perform every day. These good-hearted parents will also enjoy that our highly experienced and credentialed teachers teach the students in real-time with easy to use technology.

Home school parents will also appreciate our curriculum. Their children will learn core subject areas (math, language arts, social studies, and science) with dual language curriculum (Spanish & English) published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Research clearly shows that students who learn in a dual language environment perform better academically than their counterparts who study core subjects in an English-only environment.

As we are living in a global economy, and because English and Spanish are two of the most influential languages in the United States and the world, doesn’t it make sense to give your child the gift of a world-class dual language education?!?!

Our teachers have at least 10 years of experience each, several have more than 15 and 20 years of teaching experience in bilingual environments. One of our teachers even has an earned Ph.D. in applied linguistics from the University of Nebraska. We are serious about teaching and serving students of discerning parents who want the very best for their children. We are the Idealschool for home school students and their parents! Please contact us and give us a chance to enhance your child’s academic success!

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