Online Schools, Is the Hope for Latin America?

Online Schools, is the Hope for Latin America because Traditional education has Failed in Latin America.

Technological progress, as can be expected, has not left the traditional education educational area behind. With the passage of time, more and more countries have joined the implementation of online education, mainly, thanks to the advantages it offers, but also, because it can be seen how traditional education has been failing in Latin America. You can read about Latin America’s Drop Out Crisis.

Online Schools, the Hope for Latin America?

The learning style of each child is not satisfied.

This is one of the main reasons why traditional education has declined. Originally, parents decided to choose homeschool and were looking for personalized tutors who would give private lessons to children since they could hardly make progress in a common classroom. This happens since each person has their unique and characteristic learning style and in a class composed of a large number of students, it is difficult for the teacher to adapt the content to the requirements of each one, which significantly reduces the level of knowledge acquired.

General Methodology.

It is impossible to adapt the content that should be taught in classes to the pace of learners when it comes to brick and mortar institutes. Typically, the academic curriculum is designed based on the official standards of each country’s educational system, which makes it becomes rigid and unmodifiable, a fact that greatly affects the student’s adaptation to the lessons because they take into account the general characteristics of the student population instead of the needs of each student as an individual entity.

Very large classes.

At this point, it is important to emphasize once again that each brain is completely different, which generates that each child learns uniquely and under its own parameters. Therefore, in a class with a very large number of students, there will be children who fail to fully grasp the teacher’s teachings. In some Latin American countries, there are classrooms composed of up to 30 scholars, a factor that has significantly lowered the academic performance of the student body and, consequently, has reduced their enrollment.


Something that many secondary and elementary schools have not paid much attention to is bullying. It is no secret to anyone that small violence outbreaks related to peer pressure can occur in schools, so for some people, attending a face-to-face institute can be a complete challenge. Furthermore, there are also certain problems linked to social pressure, as students may be distracted by engaging in trying to fit in or achieve some type of status within the school community.

Prices and budget:

Prices of the brick and mortar schools tend to be higher than those of online schools, especially because the former ones require students to acquire extra supplies in order to perform their activities in class. In addition to this, face-to-face institutions may not offer high-quality services due to budget failures, which are usually altered by infrastructure maintenance, staff payments, etc, the circumstance that has led people to prefer an educational modality in which they should only use a computer and the Internet. Read more about online education Modalities.

Nevertheless, private education is taking a step forward to meet the demand for quality education in some Latin American countries, so, in this way, online schools for kids have been developed and they follow a much more dynamic and flexible curriculum. Even, some of them are in two languages ​​and are aimed at encouraging each student to reach a high level of knowledge through the use of their individual qualities.



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