Benefits of Being Bilingual in the Real World

A considerable percentage of people in the world these days speak more than one language. Many countries have multiple official national languages, not to mention various provincial and rural districts have their own languages. According to statistics, around 40% of the world’s population is monolingual, while 43% is bilingual and 13% are trilingual, meaning they speak over two languages fluently.

A young girl learning a second language

When it comes to discussing the benefits of being bilingual in the real world, most people think of certain apparent perks, such as asking for directions when traveling to a foreign country or understanding the conversations of the locals. But the benefits of being bilingual in today’s world go much deeper than that.

Here are some of the top advantages of being bilingual and being proficient in another language other than your own:

Better Career Opportunities

Bilingual people enjoy better career opportunities compared to monolingual people. They can choose to move to other countries and explore different career paths without worrying about the language barriers. They can also fall back on jobs such as interpreters and translators in a poor economy and lack suitable career options. Bilingual people can also work across cultures, making them perfect for jobs within the travel, tourism, healthcare, and military fields.

Improve Competitiveness In The Job Market

Bilingual people tend to make more money compared to those who speak only one language. Bilingualism is a highly coveted skill in the global job market and can make your resume stand out, making you more attractive to potential employers.

Being bilingual gives you a multicultural edge which can be an asset in fields such as marketing and advertising. Companies often offer 5 to 20% more money to versatile employees who can speak more than one language to appeal to a broader range of customers across different cultures and races and give their company an edge over their competitors.

Three women from different racial backgrounds

Increased Awareness And Acceptance Of Other Cultures

Bilingual people are exposed to the culture and customs of other countries when they learn a different language. This makes them more appreciative and accepting of people from other races and can help them enjoy a better social life. Speaking a new language also gives them a new perspective. It helps them see the world differently and better way for more immersive life experiences compared to monolingual people.

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