Empowering Your Child to Make the Most of Virtual Schooling


While we all are convinced that online schooling is the future, the benefits of online education can vary depending on how well you’ve prepared for it. With these three simple steps, your child can get the most of virtual schooling.

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Create A Study Space

We can’t stress this enough! Your child needs to have space where they can study distraction-free. This could either be a small area in a room or a makeshift table which can later be converted into a dinner table when your child is done studying. Either way, make sure that they have a quiet, distraction-free space while they’re studying.

It’s also a good idea to get your child’s creativity flowing by letting them design their study space the way they like. Trust us; your child will love spending their time there! You can even get creative with it and add some color or a plant to make the study space more fun for your child.

Remove Distractions

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A lot of people believe that studying from home exposes you to a lot of distractions. This is far from true. In fact, traditional schooling has far too many distractions, some of them being very harmful to your child.

For some children, television and social media can be distracting. A solution is to limit their social media usage or offer extra time on these activities as a reward. If your child finishes their schoolwork early, you can offer them an extra hour of screen time. This can be a surprisingly productive incentive.

Encourage Breaks

A break can do wonders in helping your child be more productive. It’s best to encourage them to exercise, eat a healthy snack or take a nap. Breaks have been shown to boost brain power and put your mind and body at ease. Even a short 10 minute break can make a huge difference to your child!

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