A Holistic Education: 4 Things Parents Can Do to Help their Kids

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Are you wondering what holistic education is and how you can help your child achieve it? Holistic growth is working on your child’s whole growth as a person, not just a student in a virtual online school.

Your child’s environment outside of school can impact their development, character, and personalities significantly. For this reason, holistically educating your child on matters outside of a school curriculum are integral for their overall life skillset.

While you may want to take a backseat to your child’s educators, so they learn the school curriculum, it’s also critical that your child feel confident, socially capable, responsible, and creative.

In this blog, you will discover four essential pillars of holistic education you must cover to maximize your child’s development during their formative years.

1. Developing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence requires a finely tuned sense of empathy. You can develop your child’s empathy by making them aware of others through stories and books. You can also introduce them to community members who come from different backgrounds than your family.

Developing emotional intelligence can also come from sharing your experiences and discussing the outcomes of those experiences. When your child’s own emotional needs are met, they’re capable of meeting others’.

Emotional intelligence also helps them stay calm during stressful situations.

2. Developing Social Skills

You can help your child build their social skills by introducing them to other children and adults. You can facilitate them practicing social actions like taking turns, going on a collective outing, eating food together, and sharing.

3. Developing Intelligence

Working with your child to improve their cognitive skills will help them problem-solve better in the classroom and outside of it. Children continuously learn during play. Additionally, they absorb new information and vocabulary when you read to them.

4. Developing Physical Strength

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Helping your child develop their motor skills will help them maintain good health and improve their relationships with their bodies when they’re older. Climbing, jumping, swinging, and running are all healthy activities for positive development. Just don’t push your child so hard that the exercise loses entertainment value.

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