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There are at least 350 languages spoken in the United States, and English is only one of them. So, it is a bit ignorant of one to only know one language when there are so many more spoken widely in the country.

But only 20 percent of the US population can speak more than one language despite having the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, and that’s probably because of Dora!

Being bilingual has some serious benefits, and it looks like most of us Americans are losing out here.


It Strengthens Your Brain

So, the main reason so many Americans can only speak English is that back in the day, it was believed that learning two languages at a very young age can negatively affect brain function as one language would obstruct the other’s learning process making one bad at both.


It turns out, this theory was only half correct because while one language system can obstruct the other at a very early age, it actually helps to strengthen the cognitive muscles, making you a lot smarter!


Opens Up Career Opportunities

Needless to say, speaking more languages can open up some great career paths for you. Some jobs and organizations require people to be bilingual or multilingual, such as those in the travel or tourism industry or journalism, and even government jobs in the foreign office.


Additionally, knowing another language can help you move upwards within your company or industry as languages are counted as skills, so they make you more competitive and can help you move to positions at a foreign branch and so on.


A Tool for Socializing

Knowing another language can be very useful to make friends and build connections with people from different countries and cultures. It can help you interact better and learn more about the world and the many cultures that exist.


Additionally, it can come really handy during traveling. If you’re visiting, say, Spain, and you already know Spanish, you’ll have a better time interacting with the locals there, and you won’t have to depend on a tour guide or move with a tour group. It’ll be much easier and cheaper to explore on your own.



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