6 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Foreign Language Vocabulary

According to a 2017 survey by the non-profit American Councils for International Studies, a mere 20% of k-12 students are enrolled in foreign language courses. This is far lower than what can be seen across Europe.

If you want your child to learn a new language, rest assured that there is no age limit to starting. You can have your child learn a new language right from home through online language school, language classes, or even on your own. Here’s what you can do!

Use creative methods

If your child finds it difficult to get a hold of a particular word, try to draw out something associated with it! Help them visualize the object, say the word aloud, use gestures, etc., to learn the word.

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Explore the foreign culture

You can look up different spots in your vicinity that promote the culture of the foreign language your child is learning. This can include art stores, restaurants, museums, etc.

Even if such a place does not exist within reach, you can use online resources to provide virtual experiences.

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Set learning goal

If your child studies a foreign language at school, this means that over the summer, they won’t have any in-person interactions or opportunities to practice the language. To keep them in the habit of speaking and learning the language, create some summer goals. Set a vocabulary list theme each week based on fruits, days, clothes, and more.

Consume media in the foreign language

Exploring the culture can include watching documentaries, listening to local music, and watching local television shows with subtitles. This will teach your child the rules and sounds of the language.

Also, listening to the radio and watching movies are great ways to familiarize your little one with the language and its culture.

Practice speaking often

Aside from learning, push your child to practice speaking the foreign language regularly! Daily, your child should converse with someone learning the same language using the new words they’ve learned recently.

Use online sources

If your child struggles with studying from a book, it may be better to use external sources. There’s plenty of fun language learning apps that can make learning a new language enjoyable for your child.

You can also reach out to online schools for language classes that can help you with your child’s language-learning journey. You’ll also get an expert to track your child’s progress, including the specific areas of improvement for better proficiency.

We are a professional online language school, and we aim to make learning a language a smooth and enjoyable process. Our professional online language classes focus on the integral development of your child, and we offer a fun, engaging, and inclusive learning environment.

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