Homeschooling vs. Online Schooling: Which Option is Better for You and Your Child?

A mother is helping her daughter attend live elementary school

Homeschooling and virtual schools online are similar in that both options allow children to learn from home, but they shouldn’t be mistaken for the same.

In this blog, you will discover the critical differences between each mode of learning at home.

A Parent’s Role in Each Model

A parent’s role differs in virtual online schools and homeschooling. In homeschooling, a parent is a principal teacher and facilitator. The parent designs the schedule in line with their plan, so the full responsibility for the child’s learning falls on them.

In virtual schools online, however, experienced, certified, and qualified instructors help children learn. An online school will use an established virtual private or public school’s curriculum, streamlining a child’s learning curve. Parents are still involved in the process to help keep their child on track, but they’re not engaged in the curriculum-building procedure.

Curriculum and Testing Differences

Online teachers increase learning speed when there’s demonstrated enthusiasm for a subject. They also slow down when there are road bumps to help your child cope.

The significant difference in the curriculum for these two options will be state laws governing them, particularly for faith-based learning. Virtual private or public schools don’t allow religion to be a driving force in their curriculum, while homeschooling does.

Additionally, when a child goes through homeschooling, they also need to meet the State requirements for homeschooling.

Ultimately, meeting and interacting with children and adults from other backgrounds and faiths in a school setting helps children develop greater empathy, kindness, understanding, and tolerance for differences.

You can still teach your child about your faith outside of virtual private school.

Socializing and Working in Groups

A boy is talking to his teacher in a virtual class for kidsFor your child to develop strong social skills, they must have the ability to work and coordinate with children their age effectively. Online virtual schools include socializing opportunities in their curriculum.

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