Why Virtual School Is the Right Choice For Your Child?

Virtual schools are very new, in fact, few studies have been carried out to measure the quality of the programs or determine which children could benefit. Some experts have expressed their concern saying: “No valid study has been carried out to prove that virtual schools give better results in terms of children’s learning than traditional schools”


Many of the experts believe that there are some virtual schools that do not have adequate supervision by teachers, attendance and study hours. Most countries require that students have a minimum number of study hours. In many virtual schools, we see how the parents themselves should send the weekly record of hours their child has to study. Therefore, it is often more effective to keep track of completed subjects and not study hours.


Many times, the hours of study that a child has are usually not enough, but what the educational entities supervise are usually the hours. It would be necessary to have control of subjects by degree, which had their hours of learning, but in the end, the completed subjects were measured.


According to the North American Council for Online Learning [http://www.nacol.org/], enrollment in online classes reached the 1 million mark last year. Some experts predict that by 2019 half of the courses in grades 9-12 will be taught online.


For some children, virtual schools can be a good option, for others simply not. Before enrolling your child in a virtual school, we recommend you to inform yourself very well about what they offer. Ideal School, for example, offers you the Audio and Video system to make teaching more interactive. It has professional teachers who will provide advice to parents and will be maintained in the entire pending class of your children.


In addition, they offer you the possibility of reviewing monthly reports on your child’s performance. We recommend you go to the following page: www.idealschool.education/pricing-plans to get more information about prices and what includes Ideal School.


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