Education in Guatemala Today

Currently, Education in Guatemala is facing important demands to which it must respond and resolve if it wants to improve the quality of education, in order to achieve the goals of social and economic development that have been proposed through education.

Within a traditional educational system that urgently needs to change to bring to the classrooms a better education for Guatemalan children and young people in order to train them and prepare them to have a better future. With access to opportunities for good work and quality of life, it must do so from educational policies that help achieve that “educational transformation”, which has remained a pending issue, leaving Guatemala at a competitive disadvantage for a national education system, which Despite its commitment to achieving the goals proposed through national agreements and international agreements in favor of education, it still needs to fulfill its mission.

Education in Guatemala Today

Derived from the lack of reforms in the country’s education policy, there are still problems that affect the proper functioning of the education system: poverty, low educational quality, lack of educational coverage, equity, school desertion, and weak teacher training. What limits to carry out the appropriate teaching-learning process in the classroom.
Faced with these problems, the Ministry of Education is making efforts to implement some strategies to achieve medium and long-term goals. Among these actions can be mentioned:

• The fulfillment of 180 days of class and it is worth mentioning that in 2018 it was possible to complete up to 188 days.
• Progress in educational coverage at the primary level. According to data from the National System of Educational Indicators of the Ministry of Education, in 2016 the primary coverage rate was 78.2%.
• Program to save first grade of primary school.
• Implementation of teacher refresher programs.
• Support to the students to avoid the failure in the national tests of reading and mathematics in sixth grade and young graduates.

In spite of the efforts that have been carried out in recent years, Guatemala has not been able to meet the educational demands, since the level of student learning is still low.
In the report presented by the World Economic Forum (2017-2018) reports that Guatemala at the level of global competitiveness obtained a low result in the area of ​​quality of Primary Education (4.97 / 7 points) and Quality of the Educational System (3.67 / 7 points). Results that make Guatemala the least competitive in the Central American region.
An early educational transformation will provide favorable conditions to give quality education. It is expected that the education system will finally respond to the needs of children and youth in the 21st century.

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