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Ideal School Live Class Demo

"My daughter Valentina and I are very pleased with Ideal School. We love the school format and schedule as well as the quality of the teachers. Keep up the good work!?"

Mrs. Sanabria

Parent | USA

"We really love Ideal School. The administration is very accommodating with our particular needs. Ms. Gonzalez is a wonderful teacher who is always so kind and encouraging to her students."

Mrs. Francis

Parent | USA

"Adam had a very good experience in the Spanish class over the summer! It was nice to have a small and interactive class, and he learned a lot about minerals and different animals and habitats. Thanks so much!"

Mrs. Liebman

Parent | USA

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Why Choose Us

Advantages of Ideal School

  Safe at Home Learning

  Bilingual (English & Spanish)

  Small Class Sizes

  Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading,  

          and Writing in a Dual Language Model.

  Internationally Accredited & Recognized

  Full Day Classes

  Flexible Payment Terms

  Live Interaction With Teachers & Students’

          from Different Countries

  Safe at Home Learning
  Bilingual (English & Spanish)
  Small Class Sizes
  Internationally Accredited &  


  Full Day Classes
  Flexible Payment Terms
  Live Interaction With Teachers

            & Students’ from Different 

  Math, Science, Social Studies,

            Reading, and Writing in a Dual 

            Language Model.

A Fully Immersive and Engaging Learning Environment

Ideal School provides a robust online platform that allows students to actively engage and participate in virtual classrooms, discussions, and collaborative projects, creating an immersive and interactive learning environment.

The school leverages innovative technologies to facilitate real-time interactions, such as video conferencing, virtual whiteboards, and interactive educational tools, ensuring students have meaningful and dynamic online learning experiences.

Ideal School organizes a wide range of virtual activities, including virtual clubs, competitions, and events, fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities for students to connect, socialize, and showcase their talents in the online setting.

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Meet Our Amazing Teachers

Picture Ideal School

Carina Perez

- Received a scholarship from the government of Ecuador to study in the USA.
-Has taught English for more than six years in different countries,.
- Possess TEFL certificate and Masters degree in Education.


Magdalena Montenegro

- Studying masters degree in Spanish as a second and foreign language.
-Holds a TESOL/TEFL certificate.
- Possess 22 years of teaching experience.

Photo with Ideal School polo (05-01-2023)

Diana Lozano

- Bachelor's degree in Education with emphasis in Spanish, English & French.
-Holds TEFL and CELTA certificates.
- Possess 11 years of teaching experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cognia’s accreditation is a significant achievement for Ideal School. It signifies that the school has met rigorous educational standards and is committed to providing the highest quality of learning experiences for its students.

Cognia is an esteemed organization that accredits educational institutions based on strict criteria and standards of excellence. Its accreditation is widely recognized and respected in the education community.

Ideal School’s accreditation from Cognia is important because it demonstrates the school’s dedication to excellence in education. It assures parents, students, and the community that Ideal School meets the highest educational standards and provides an exceptional learning environment.

Accreditation from Cognia validates Ideal School’s commitment to continuous improvement and quality education. It enhances the school’s reputation and credibility, attracting students and parents who seek an institution known for its high standards and quality learning experiences.

Ideal School offers various avenues for student socialization, including community events, in-class opportunities to connect with peers and families, programs promoting field trips and engaging activities. Additionally, home-schooled students actively participate in extracurricular activities, enhancing their socialization experiences.

Cognia Accredited

We are the world’s only accredited online dual language immersion school (K-9) that connects students from dozens of countries in real-time with professional, bilingual teachers. Wherever you are, so are we!

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