Florida Voucher Program

Are you a student or a parent looking to take control of your education? Look no further than the Florida Voucher Program – The Family Empowerment Scholarship Program! As a pioneering initiative in the United States, our program is dedicated to providing eligible students with the opportunity to access quality education at their chosen private schools.

The benefits of the program include:

The Florida school voucher program will give nearly all Florida students the option to use state funds to cover at least some of the tuition costs for a private school of their choosing. Families who are interested in this program should learn about the specific eligibility requirements before submitting an application.

Keep reading to learn how to apply for a homeschool voucher and the eligibility criteria.

How to Apply for School Vouchers in Florida?

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

To qualify for a school voucher in Florida, your child must meet one of the following criteria:

    • Select the private school and apply for the admission of his or her student.
    • Florida students who are eligible to enroll in K-12 grades.
    • The student’s household income level does not exceed 300% of the federal poverty level.
    • Students who received a Florida Tax Credit Scholarship in the previous year and then lost scholarship funding.

For more eligibility requirements, click here.

Step 2: Apply For A Scholarship

If you are interested in applying for either branch of the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program, please contact one of the two scholarship funding organizations that administers these programs: A.A.A. Scholarship Foundation- FL, LLC or Step Up For Students

Step 3: Submit The Application

Once you complete the application form, you need to submit it to the private school you chose. The school will verify the information provided and notify you if your child has been awarded a scholarship.

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Important Things To Keep In Mind: