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Why is home the best school?

We’ve always heard that education starts at home, and it’s totally true. When we started to go to school, being just little children, we have already completed several stages of our lives and, therefore, we have also learned many of the things we need for our growth. In this way, the question arises, why is home the best school?

The truth is that the home is a center of influence. It is the fundamental pillar of education. And this not only involves parents but everything that the home constitutes. The importance of the home in teaching can be appreciated in the simple fact that it is there that we all learn to speak, take our first steps, acquire our tools for socialization, understand the handling of emotions and much more. In addition, one of the main elements of every educational process is the environment in which the student grows or performs and, as is obvious, the family atmosphere is part of it.

It is in the house where the habits that will prevail throughout the life of each of our children must be forged, formed and strengthened, understanding that it is these practices that will lead them to prosper in the future. Education can be expensive but you have to keep in mind that every effort that is going to pay off is worth it.

The home is so important for education that we have seen how, increasingly; personalized tutoring, online education and, as you were probably thinking of, home schooling become more famous. In recent years, parents have sought different alternatives to traditional schools and have leaned towards those particular methods that allow the child to learn in a more familiar context or where they are highly involved.

What happens to current education?

It is no secret to anyone that the new generation is completely different from what older adults are used to. The evolution of technology in conjunction with the emergence of smart devices has revolutionized the way a child grows and, consequently, has changed the ways in which modern parents must adapt to be able to raise them.

In a world much more globalized than before, the demands in the professional field are increasing. In this sense, parents and representatives are focused on providing their children with a better quality and higher education that drives them to become better and more successful people. What has generated this? Well, thanks to this need, they have been created educational programs to guide each student through the path of self-reliance, critical thinking, analysis and deep research.

And what role does the home play in all this?

Education received at home is irreplaceable. It is the base and defining element of what will be the performance of each person regardless of the area in which they are. In other words, what we learn at home is essential to determine what we will be in the spiritual, individual, work and collective spheres.

Above all institutions, there is no education more empowering than the one represented by the home. Family life, the definition of habits and customs, the learning of values … All this determines, in 100%, the way in which a person will grow and perform in the future.

Even governments talk about it. The family is the bosom of societies and, therefore, is what empowers nations. In the house, people forge character, acquire values and developed ethics. That is where we learn to be citizens.

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