Most children usually have good academic performance when their parents and family members get involved in their education.

When we get involved in the education of our children, we show them that we are interested in their school life, the more support we give them, the more willing they will be to learn in school.

Whatever your lifestyle or family situation, it is never too late or too early to start supporting your child in education.

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Many parents try to help their children with schoolwork, but they end up overwhelming them. It is much better to do it by having some patience and trying to explain the tasks of the school, in this way your child can be inspired much more to do the tasks better.

How to help your child increase his or her school performance?

Recognize your child’s achievements, no matter how small they are. That will help him/her gain more confidence in school. You can teach him/her how to organize his/her time and space so he/she don’t feel overwhelmed with all the tasks.

Avoid pressing your child with very high expectations. You should be realistic about their education. Let him/her develop his/her own skills and his/her own rhythm.

Try to advise rather than to criticize. Many words like “this is wrong” make the child feel unsuccessful or incapable, try to use phrases like “let’s try again” or “let’s look this way”,

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities such as sports, art, music, reading, theater, or any other activity that takes place outside of school hours can always help your child increase his/her confidence. In addition, your child can discover his/her hidden talents. Some possible things to try:

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