Mission Statement:
Ideal School will deliver student-centred, research-based best practice instruction in a two-way dual language virtual interactive environment in all core subject areas.

Vision Statement: All students will be prepared to successfully compete in a constantly changing global economy.

“Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.”

Japanese proverb
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Ideal School operates with three Cs in mind: clarity, consistency, and compassion.

Our 3 Cs


With a daily-updated message board, bi-monthly parent-teacher conferences, monthly newsletters, parent and student portals with a built-in messaging centre, and monthly virtual town hall meetings, you will always know everything you want about your child’s learning experience.


With a rigorous instructional framework that guides all practices and a uniform learning environment in all of our classrooms, you will never have to doubt the excellence we are providing your child.


You and your child are our priority. No question or concern is too small for us to care about. Likewise, no question or comment is too large for us to handle swiftly and effectively. You will see that you and your students are our passion and focus.