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Common Questions

You should join Ideal School because we offer a unique and effective alternative to traditional schools and other online schools by teaching core subjects in a bilingual elementary environment with LIVE student interaction and engaging teacher instruction.

The first step is to fill out the enrollment form. Then you will be given your user login credentials. Next, you pay the one-time enrollment fee & language placement test. After your child takes the language placement test, an admissions counselor will guide you through the tuition and book payment process. Finally, you will begin learning in our fun, and engaging bilingual school!

For only $350 per month plus fees, you can have a world-class education from the safety and comfort of your home.

The fees include:

  • language placement test
  • digital resources
  • enrollment fee

Your child will start learning after the enrollment form is filled out, and has taken the language placement test, and has paid all fees and tuition.

You will meet the teacher during an Open House that you will be scheduled for once you have filled out the enrollment form.

Common Questions

We provide training, complete teacher version of curriculum materials, continuous professional development, and friendly support and mentoring.

  1. A minimum of 5 years of traditional kinder-12th grade teaching experience.
  2. Previous successful online teaching experience.
  3. Must be completely bilingual & bi-literate in English and Spanish.
  4. Posses stable internet with a minimum of 45 Mbps with good laptop, microphone and camera.
  5. Have a quiet area that is at least 3 meters by 3 meters in size that you can use exclusively to teach in.

You will have a maximum of 16 students.

Answer: You would work from 7:00am to 4:00pm (local time) Monday thru Friday (excluding U.S. holidays).

There are 5 simple steps:

  1. Fill out the job application,
  2. Get selected for an interview,
  3. Receive your contract,
  4. Start your training,
  5. Begin teaching your class

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The best learning experience a child can have is with a LIVE teacher

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