Why brick and mortar schools have failed in Latin America?

Technological progress, as can be expected, has not left the educational area behind. With the passage of time, more and more countries have joined the implementation of online education, mainly, thanks to the advantages it offers, but also, because it can be seen how traditional schools have been failing in Latin America. The learning style […]

Reasons why dual language (English and Spanish) online school is a good option

When talking about an interactive online school, it is made reference to an institute model that seeks to boost learning so that time and resources that are available in education are used on a higher level. The main idea of ​​this is to guarantee effectiveness and develop tools that, based on new technologies, allow people […]

The importance of a great curriculum in a Online School

If you already have an online school and you think everything is in order, they have good teachers, a good interaction, then it is time for you to look more deeply at their qualities. Choosing the ideal online school for your children is not like choosing a restaurant just because you know the chef. What […]

5 Reasons why enrolling your child in an online school is ideal

Every year, hundreds of children are taken from traditional schools and enrolled in online schools. How does this benefit children and their families? Why would parents want to change the style of education that has been working for so long? Let’s look at some of the main reasons why you should switch to Ideal School: […]