How Ideal School Enhances Homeschooling Learning

According to the U.S. Department of Education, roughly 2,000,000 (K-12) students are home-schooled. The reasons for homeschooling are many and obvious. There are many flaws in public schools. A few of the reasons some parents chose to home school their children are… bullying school shootings lack of compassion in traditional schools poor student academic performance […]

Why IdealSchool Was Founded

Simply put, IdealSchool was founded to create the ideal environment not only for the students but for their families and for the staff that supports the students. The strong, shared belief of all of us at Ideal School is that each student is precious and they deserve the best. Let’s face it, public school systems […]

The Difference Between IdealSchool and Other Online Schools

Ideal School was founded on the belief that learning should be fun and engaging. It was also founded on the knowledge that traditional online schools are not fun nor engaging. The largest online school providers in the United States rely almost exclusively on technology to instruct your student. They have what they call “live lessons” […]

IdealSchool starts on September 03, 2019!

The IdealSchool team is very excited to announce to the world that its YEAR-ROUND school will open its doors to the public very shortly. On Tuesday, September 03, 2019, Ideal School will welcome its students to a very innovative, engaging, and inspiring environment. We hope you consider joining our school family!