When talking about an interactive online school, it is made reference to an institute model that seeks to boost learning so that time and resources that are available in education are used on a higher level. The main idea of ​​this is to guarantee effectiveness and develop tools that, based on new technologies, allow people to achieve better results.

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Great examples of this are online schools, which consist of extensive digital content specially created to capture the attention of their students in a more participatory way. Furthermore, the current coordinators have proposed the dual-language methodology, whose purpose is to offer the academic curriculum in two languages.

In Latin America, online schools in two languages ​​(English and Spanish) turn out to be an excellent option when enrolling; this is because of the following reasons:

Currently, globalization and technological progress guide societies to prioritize cultural and speaking reciprocity so, it means that, choosing a dual language and online school for kids ​​is a perfect starting point if you want to achieve a satisfactory educational level according to human evolution.

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