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Our team of professional teachers has created smiles around the world. We offer a unique way of online teaching that makes parents and children happy.

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Carlos, 8 years

“I wish all schools were as wonderful as Ideal School. I am learning to read and write in English and Spanish, and I love our science units. Ideal School is the ideal school for me!”

Jennifer, 10 years

“I love Ideal School! It is like being in a real classroom with friends, but I don’t even have to leave my house. I work with classmates from around the world, and we learn from a caring teacher who we can see and hear and who makes learning fun.”


“Our son use to struggle paying attention in traditional  schools because he became bored easily. Now with Ideal School, he doesn’t have that problem because it is a dual language school and my son has to focus to learn to speak, read and write in English and Spanish.”

Martín, 12 years

“I don’t have to worry about bullies any more! Our teacher makes school fun and exciting. I love Ideal School!”


“I love Ideal School because it allows me to be home with my child but not have to be his teacher. My son was in another online school that required the parent to monitor and help my son constantly. Ideal School has experienced, professional teachers that teach and support him in real time just like in a traditional school.”