The dual-language methodology, also known as education in two languages, is a system that allows the teaching of an academic curriculum or syllabus in two languages, for example, English and Spanish. Its main objective is to train bilingual children who will be able to function in the world using their mother tongue and also the language chosen as a pair, either in a traditional institute or through homeschooling.

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The program should be aimed at offering biliteracy to students, which will allow them to read, write and speak in both languages. Similarly, they will have access to bilingual content and it will greatly expand the amount of information with which they can relate. It should be noted that this type of education must begin to be implemented from primary school in order to obtain more effective results.

This methodology is being established, as an instructional regime, much more frequently thanks to several reasons and the extensive amount of benefits that it offers both for the student and for the instructor in general, among them are:

In addition to all the benefits described above, that teaching in two languages ​​can provide; its cultural nature should be mentioned, as it is a widely developed branch due to the application of this type of strategic planning.

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