Improve Kids’ Second Language With Movies

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In addition to school, there are many ways to continue learning a second language. There are fun ways for your children to learn a second language. There has been much talk about activities such as reading, theater, and stories to improve bilingual learning. Now we are going to touch on One more fun method. Watch movies! Not only movies in another language, but also with subtitles.

learning a second language.

How movies benefit learning a second language:

We can all enjoy a movie, especially children. When we do something we like, we are likely to remember it much more. You probably think putting the subtitles in your native language is helpful when watching a movie in a foreign language, but it is not very beneficial as it seems.

It’s much better if you put the subtitles in the same language of the movie and not in the child’s native language. This will help your child learn the sound of words, become familiar, and learn to read. In this way, you are teaching him vocabulary, pronunciation, context and new conversations with a movie.

Kids’ movies:

Children’s movies are a great help when you are teaching a new language to the little ones in your family. Disney movies like “Toy Story” or “Frozen” are ideal since the little ones understand the story and can become familiar with the context. In addition, this kind of movie has a fluent, clear, and easy-to-understand language.

When children have seen this type of movie several times, it will be much easier for them to understand the second language. They will be able to understand the meaning of the words and adapt them as the story progresses.

Surely your children will have the perfect excuse to watch movies, so pop some popcorn and get comfortable with your little ones to enjoy a movie and at the same time learn a second language. In addition, you can invite your children’s friends to watch together, then encourage them to interact using the new language.

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