Ways in which technology can improve the educational process.

The education model that emerged more than 2000 years ago has always been effective but, at this time and thanks to the revolution of the digital era, it can be considered a bit archaic. Formerly, it was enough to have a pencil and paper to study some lessons and gain knowledge; however, nowadays, there is……….

Beneficios de una escuela internacional bilingüe.

Actualmente, son cada vez más los padres y representantes que deciden escoger una escuela internacional para la educación de sus hijos. Originalmente, quien deseaba matricularse en una, debía viajar al país donde se encontraba o intentar ubicar la más cercana posible dentro de su territorio, sin embargo, el proceso ha cambiado un poco gracias a……….

Reasons why dual language (English and Spanish) online school is a good option

When talking about an interactive online school, it is made reference to an institute model that seeks to boost learning so that time and resources that are available in education are used on a higher level. The main idea of ​​this is to guarantee effectiveness and develop tools that, based on new technologies, allow people……….

Methodology of dual language and reason behind it as an instructional method.

The dual-language methodology, also known as education in two languages, is a system that allows the teaching of an academic curriculum or syllabus in two languages, for example, English and Spanish. Its main objective is to train bilingual children who will be able to function in the world using their mother tongue and also the……….

Improve kids second language with movies

In addition to school, there are many ways to continue learning a second language. There are fun ways for your children to learn a second language. There has been much talk about activities such as reading, theater, and stories to improve bilingual learning. Now we are going to touch on One more fun method. Watch……….

Why get involve into your child’s education

Most children usually have good academic performance when their parents and family members get involved in their education. When we get involved in the education of our children, we show them that we are interested in their school life, the more support we give them, the more willing they will be to learn in school………..

Bilingual Books for Children

As the name implies, bilingual books are books written in two different languages. These are not commonly translated word for word, but the story or a sentence to give them more meaning. If they are well translated, they can be a very valuable resource for parents, children, and teachers. In IdealSchool, we know the importance……….

How bullying affects our children at school

In the next 5 minutes, a child in America will be a victim of bullying. It could be someone you know, like a friend’s son, a nephew or even your own daughter. The saddest thing is that during the next five minutes, it is estimated that only 3 out of every 100 adults intervene so……….

Importance of Education for Children

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela Education is of the utmost importance, as it is the key to reducing poverty, preventing deaths, eliminating gender inequality, promoting peace and creating a sustainable planet. While many countries have a growing economy, we must see education as a……….

Why is it safer to enroll your child in a Virtual School?

Recently in the United States, there have been a series of unfortunate events, which have taken the lives of many people and left others wounded. What makes virtual schools the best option is it’s inherited safety. From Georgia to California, there have been shootings in elementary schools, high schools, university campuses, among others, which leave……….

The importance of a great curriculum in a Online School

If you already have an online school and you think everything is in order, they have good teachers, a good interaction, then it is time for you to look more deeply at their qualities. Choosing the ideal online school for your children is not like choosing a restaurant just because you know the chef. What……….

5 Reasons why enrolling your child in an online school is ideal

Every year, hundreds of children are taken from traditional schools and enrolled in online schools. How does this benefit children and their families? Why would parents want to change the style of education that has been working for so long? Let’s look at some of the main reasons why you should switch to Ideal School:……….

Online schooling, how convenient does it get?

Twenty-first-century education is changing paradigms.  Schooling is globalizing.  The internet is making knowledge accessible to all so is online schooling. Online jobs are internationalizing individuals and societies.  The world travel trend is making first-hand experiences tangible and meaningful.  Technology is connecting people and places in real-time.  Nature is cultivating humans in the art of care……….

Why virtual school is the right choice for your child?

Virtual schools are very new, in fact, few studies have been carried out to measure the quality of the programs or determine which children could benefit. Some experts have expressed their concern saying: “No valid study has been carried out to prove that virtual schools give better results in terms of children’s learning than traditional……….

Advantages of Online School

More and more parents prefer their children to study in the security of their home through online schools. This can provide several advantages such as independence and flexibility. In addition, thanks to all the technological advances such as the internet and mobile devices, they make the interface of being in a school more convenient and……….

Importance of routine in homeschooling

When we teach our children in homeschooling, the biggest benefit we have is a flexible schedule. Depending on our children and their personalities, we can adapt the way we teach them to each one. Not every day will be the same, in turn, not all subjects will present the same effort. The great advantage of……….

How Ideal School Enhances Homeschooling Learning

According to the U.S. Department of Education, roughly 2,000,000 (K-12) students are home-schooled. The reasons for homeschooling are many and obvious. There are many flaws in public schools. A few of the reasons some parents chose to home school their children are… bullying school shootings lack of compassion in traditional schools poor student academic performance……….

Education System in Costa Rica

Costa Rica boasts free and mandatory education for all citizens since 1869. The education system has grown and matured over the last three decades and now it claims a nearly 95% of literacy rate in residents age 15 and older. There are public elementary and high schools in every community and private schools are scattered……….

Education in Guatemala Today

Currently, Education in Guatemala is facing important demands to which it must respond and resolve if it wants to improve the quality of education, in order to achieve the goals of social and economic development that have been proposed through education. Within a traditional educational system that urgently needs to change to bring to the……….