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Cecilia Artola

“Working at Ideal School is an experience full of new challenges and goals to achieve. It is an innovative school that caught my attention and therefore my desire to collaborate and be part of this ambitious platform because through the use of internet and technology we will reach students due to different situations are not able to attend to a physical school. I have no doubt that Ideal School will continue to play a positive impact on education and on countless students in this global society”.

  • 20 years of teaching, including at the prestigious American School of Guatemala.
  • Masters degree in educational communication from Panamericana University.
  • She volunteers as a tour guide for school-aged and university students from different schools all around Guatemala for the Popol Vuh Museum of Francisco Marroquín University.
IdealSchool Staff

IdealSchool Staff

I write about online school tips, tutorials, how to get most of the online school, tips for parents, Benefits of online school, why online education and other online school staffs.

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