Online Schools Modalities

Online education is currently one of the most consolidated forms of study worldwide. It is a teaching/learning methodology that has gained much popularity in recent years, all thanks to the countless benefits it offers; among those, you can find: versatility, flexibility, dynamism, and freedom to organize schedules. We can summarize online education as that kind […]

How Online Schools Can Enhance Homeschooling

How Online Schools Can Enhance Homeschooling October 24, 2019 written by Angie Prieto, Ideal School In some countries such as the United States, for example, it is considered common to see how parents or representatives of elementary students prefer to choose home schooling than to enroll the child in a brick and mortar school. This […]

Why Brick and Mortar Schools Have Failed in Latin America?

Technological progress, as can be expected, has not left the educational area behind. With the passage of time, more and more countries have joined the implementation of online education, mainly, thanks to the advantages it offers, but also, because it can be seen how traditional schools have been failing in Latin America. The learning style […]

¿Cómo Mantener la Educación de Sus Hijos y Viajar al Mismo Tiempo?

¿Cómo mantener la educación de sus hijos y viajar al mismo tiempo?

Muchas personas deben mantenerse en constante movimiento, ya sea por trabajos que requieran viajar con regularidad a otros países o por cuestiones de negocios. En el caso de aquellos que tienen hijos, esto puede resultar ser un poco complicado ya que la educación de los niños puede verse comprometida. De esa manera, para aquellos que […]

How to Maintain Your Child Education and Travel at the Same Time?

Many people must keep moving, either for jobs that require regular travel to other countries or for business reasons. In the case of those who have children, this can prove to be a bit complicated since children’s education can be affected. In that way, for those who cannot be in a fixed place for a […]

Diferencias Entre Las Escuelas Tradicionales y La Educación en Línea.

Originalmente, la educación a distancia se implementó para servir como apoyo a aquellas personas que desarrollan otro tipo de actividades en el día, así podían ver clases sin tener que desplazarse a otro lugar y organizando sus propios horarios. Solía ser una opción que pocos consideraban ya que presentaba ciertos problemas, como la falta de […]

Ways in Which Technology Can Improve the Educational Process.

The education model that emerged more than 2000 years ago has always been effective but, at this time and thanks to the revolution of the digital era, it can be considered a bit archaic. Formerly, it was enough to have a pencil and paper to study some lessons and gain knowledge; however, nowadays, there is […]

Beneficios de una Escuela Internacional Bilingüe

Actualmente, son cada vez más los padres y representantes que deciden escoger una escuela internacional para la educación de sus hijos. Originalmente, quien deseaba matricularse en una, debía viajar al país donde se encontraba o intentar ubicar la más cercana posible dentro de su territorio, sin embargo, el proceso ha cambiado un poco gracias a […]

Reasons Why Dual Language (English and Spanish) Online School Is a Good Option

When talking about an interactive online school, it is made reference to an institute model that seeks to boost learning so that time and resources that are available in education are used on a higher level. The main idea of ​​this is to guarantee effectiveness and develop tools that, based on new technologies, allow people […]

Methodology of Dual Language and Reason Behind It As an Instructional Method

The dual-language methodology, also known as education in two languages, is a system that allows the teaching of an academic curriculum or syllabus in two languages, for example, English and Spanish. Its main objective is to train bilingual children who will be able to function in the world using their mother tongue and also the […]